Palm Springs CA Homes for Sale

A Recovering Market for Palm Springs CA Homes

All signs are pointing to a gradual recovery for Palm Springs CA homes and the real estate market in the Palm Springs area. Housing prices are slowly increasing, the number of foreclosures is dropping, and new construction is gradually picking back up. With all the indicators in the air, now may be the best time to buy. Current mortgage rates are historically low, and buyers are motivated more than ever to compete amongst themselves for the perfect Palm Springs CA home.

A Seller’s Market?

Palm Springs CA Homes

With mortgage rates slowly on the rise but still low, new buyers as well as holdovers from 2013 are gradually entering the market. Inventory for Palm Springs CA homes remains low. This in turn allows anyone selling their home to be very selective in which offers they choose to entertain. Additionally, the standard negotiation wars with other buyers can quickly end up costing a buyer hours of wasted time. Situations like this call for a professional and experienced Palm Springs REALTOR who can ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Call Richard Martin, Palm Springs CA Realtor

Richard Martin has been a Palm Springs REALTOR and resident for over ten years. Helping buyers and sellers alike, Richard uses his experience to negotiate with the other party and save his clients thousands of dollars. Don’t work with an agent without the knowledge needed to make your home buying or home selling process a difficult one. Call Richard today at (760) 416-7777.

Outside Considerations in a Palm Springs Home


So you have found the home with a perfect floorplan, upgrades, and yard. Great. What else should you consider? Many factors can affect your enjoyment and future resale in a Palm Springs Home. Being a Palm Springs Realtor and resident for many years, I’ll summarize what to consider in Palm Springs Real Estate. Not only are these personal but opinions of clients that I have worked with.

Location: Whether you want to be close to schools, shopping, golf, dog park, or public library, location is a primary factor

Views: Mountain Views, Tree Top views, Golf Course Views, City Lights. Negative impact could be lights from high school stadiums or telephone wires

Noise: Is it close to a busy road? Rail Road tracks? School?

Wind: Windier areas tend to be closer to the pass that separates the San Jacinto and San Gorgonio mountains. Specifically on the North side of Palm Springs North of Vista Chino. The winds tend to pick up between April and July late in the afternoon around sunset and then continuing throughout the night. For a brief time in the fall, it can also be windy. Personally, I think the North side has gotten a bad rap throughout the years. I live there and am happy that I have a nice home that I purchased for a reasonable price. Further South, pricing goes up dramatically!

Privacy: Very important. If not for you, for someone interested in buying your home down the road. Many people flock to the desert and want to go skinny dipping!